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Heyo! It's been a hot minute since my last blog post and I'll gladly blame that on having too much fun. This time we'll be talking about places to take families or any visitors you have coming to the BOQ and surrounding areas because I cannot tell you how often I get messages asking where people should go, what's there to do, and suggestions for food spots.

So, here we go. The inspiration to do this came from my mom coming up to visit for a week and trying to plan out day trips that made sense without backtracking or driving long distances, so I may break these posts up into areas so we don't get overwhelmed with suggestions and areas.

Today we'll focus on Trenton because it's where I know best. It can also use a little spotlight every now and then because I find it gets a bit neglected with the County and Belleville being so close.

1. Wannamaker's Bakeshop - Alright, so there's a good chance you ALREADY know about this place, but it's still going on the list because it was the one place my mom insisted we go on her first day here. We stopped in and picked up a few lemon squares, a maple bacon donut, and a peanut butter Boston cream donut. Need I say more? If you need a cookie, doughnut, or cinnamon roll that's as big as your plate, it's the place to hit up. Wannamaker's is family owned and also sells items from other locals such as 3 Angry Cats and Saucy Dotty's which is a bonus! Their pies and cakes are to die for, but you won't be complaining. They're currently in a contest for Canada's Sweetest Bakery so don't forget to vote

2. Trenton Delicatessen - You know you're important when a vegetarian is writing about a meat shop! But they're more than meat and cheeses, this place fulfills our European needs. They sell sandwiches, soup, meats and cheese along with imports from Europe such as Haribo (different flavours than found in Canada), mustards, spices, mixes, and chocolates! We found what we knew as Dickman's Chocolates there last Christmas which I used to have sent to me from Germany. My husband, Chris' parents were posted to Germany for eight years and this place is on their visit list when they stop by. It's a must if you're looking to wow with a charcuterie board!

3. Bleasdell Boulder - After all of that cheese, meat, and chocolate, you're going to need a decent walk and there is no better place than what we refer to as "The Boulder". This path is about 1.5 km, fairly flat, and easy to walk. We take strolls through here most weekends and always take friends and family to pose by The Boulder, which is 2.3 billion years old. Along the path, you'll find wildlife such as chickadees, woodpeckers, squirrels, and rabbits. There are two bridges to watch frogs and minnows from, and usually a Monarch butterfly or two! This path is beautiful any time of the year, but in the winter it becomes a bit hazardous. Don't forget to pose inside The Boulder! 

4. Dahlia May Flower Farm - Our local celebrity, Melaine! She has a HUGE following on Instagram and is a MUST visit with family and friends. This spot just outside of town will give you a country drive feel while only being minutes from downtown. You'll often find Melaine chatting with customers or harvesting her beautiful flowers that are grown on her farm. I take EVERYONE here and they can attest to that because I'm a weekly visitor, often introducing them to people from all over Canada. This place is a little piece of paradise and you'll see that as soon as you walk into a room filled with sunflowers, dahlias, cosmos, tulips, and succulents. It's the perfect spot for the best Instagram photo and I know that because I often snap photos while visiting!

5. National Air Force Museum of Canada - Did you know that Trenton is home to the largest Air Force Base in Canada? If you live here, you probably could've guessed that by the number of times they fly over your house. But, we also have a cool aviation museum connected to the base and is home to many retired and still active aircraft. You can see the Halifax, which was pulled from the water and restored, climb inside a Hercules, sit in a Snowbird, and walk the fields to see the CF-18 Hornet, or if you're from Shearwater or Halifax, you may especially appreciate the tireless Sea King they just received for display. This place is such a neat stop on a Trenton tour with so much history and many interactive displays. It's a great way to spend an afternoon and while also supporting a part of our Canadian History. After a stop at the museum, be sure to check out the Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial down past the base in Bain Park and honour our fallen soldiers. 

Well, that's it for the Trenton edition of On The Go! Next time, we'll be looking at the County for spots to take friends and family which will take no time to write because you can drive anywhere in the County and be somewhere worth visiting. 

-- Jenn Lindsay


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