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We've made it to September, which sadly means summer is coming to an end, and we'll be packing away our shorts and digging out our knitted sweaters. It doesn't mean we need to stop exploring, though! Autumn is the perfect time to explore your OWN province and see what it has to offer. We have just the spot for you to start your Discover Ontario Staycation that will give you the perfect vantage point to reach all of Prince Edward County or will give you inspiration for planning next summer (as long as COVID-19 backs off!).

Blog BOQ was invited to spend a night in Picton at Harbour Grove AirBnB to get the full experience of staying in Prince Edward County, a bucket list must for any out of towner. Here's the experience we came away with! 

Harbour Grove is located in picturesque Picton, the perfect spot in PEC to spend the day OR to start your day. A short drive from Toronto, it's a great getaway spot to stay while exploring Sandbanks or North Beach or to just hang out and meet up with friends. It is a three-bedroom, one and a half bathroom, semi-detached house with a pretty coral pink door. It provides enough space for the entire family or group of friends (as long as two friends don't mind sharing bunk beds!) and gives you wiggle room versus being cramped in a small hotel room. You have access to a full kitchen with everything you could possibly dream to cook up a meal,  a well-stocked tea and coffee cabinet, and a gorgeous live edge dining table that seats six while eating under a stunning modern mid-century inspired light fixture, as well as an airy living room, and cozy patio.

We noticed as we moved from room to room that every inch on the house has been planned and decorated with care and thoughtfulness. Gold accents adorn every room, while earthy tones make the house feel cohesive, modern mid-century, and inviting. One of the bedrooms has a custom made wood wall that was installed by the owner's family. Even the bathroom has gorgeous tilework! You need to see it to appreciate how beautiful it is and the details added in. This AirBnB feels more like a second home than a rental.

After making some Chamomile tea in the kitchen and admiring the light fixtures, we relaxed in the living room and watched squirrels and bluejays in the front yard, and enjoyed a few moments of downtime. But we didn't sit still for long. At the main entrance, there's a black chalkboard full of local places to eat, drink, and explore. We picked The County Canteen because I'm a vegetarian and I know they have options for me! It is about a seven-minute walk from the front porch of Harbour Grove, which is a perfect length for a sunset stroll. A hot tip; if you're craving pizza, 555 Brewing is about a 10-minute walk and offers beer and garlic fingers (an east coast treat in Ontario!). We loved being able to wander and grab a drink without the worry of calling a cab.

After a busy day of eating, drinking, and wandering, we were ready for bed. We chose the all-white bedroom because it looked SO inviting and cozy, where we curled up on the softest mattress topped with plush duvet and lavish sheets. Before drifting off, we planned what we would do on our next trip to Picton. Drinks on the back patio? Adventure to Lake on the Mountain? Coffee at The Bean Counter? The possibilities are endless, and Harbour Grove is there to provide a safe, comfortable, and luxurious stay without the hassle of hotel check-ins. 

A bit about the owners:

Sam, the owner of Harbour Grove (and also a baker!), took a few minutes out of her busy day of cleaning the house, to bring us on her journey to owning Harbour Grove. After a few attempts to obtain a house for an AirBnB, Sam came across the home in Picton. Familiar with the area since she has a lot of family members who live in the area, it felt like the perfect opportunity. COVID-19 threw a wrench in some plans, as well as the financial hardship of renovating a home during a Pandemic. Regardless, Sam moved forward and finished the renovations, and took her time picking exactly the environment and feel of the house would be. With complete control over the creative design and literal building of the furniture, Sam has put her heart and soul into this space and says it has made her feel even more connected to the community. Sam takes the cleanliness of her space very seriously so guests can rest easy knowing every room has been deep cleaned before their visit.

We highly recommend Harbour Grove as your Staycation spot in Ontario, or even for family visiting you in the area. It has everything you could possibly need and owners who are very responsive, generous, and who truly care about you and the community they've spent multiple years getting to know. 

Book your stay here!

-- Jenn Wendy


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