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Lucky for us, the Bay of Quinte offers a variety of local craft beer, wine, and cider. Since moving here, we've tried to visit every brewery, a few wineries, and a handful of cideries. In this post, I'm going to mention a few of my favourites. We certainly haven't made it to every place, but if you see a spot missing, feel free to reach out and tell us about it.

Parson's Brewing Co.

Parsons Brewing Company - After sampling Parsons' Hula Hoop Sour Series, this spot became a favourite! Prickly Pear Perfection was my beer of choice last year with a crisp taste and beautiful colour. Parsons' uses their land well, hosting events where we had the opportunity to meet a few local vendors last summer. This year I'm excited to give Rizbal Mango Lassi a try. Check them out next time you're in Prince Edward County. 

Kinsip Spirits - Although this isn't a brewery, winery, or cidery, it's a must-stop when you're in Prince Edward County. The atmosphere, chickens, and staff are enough of a reason to stop, but the drinks are stellar. The barrel aged Maple Whisky is by far my favourite, with County Cassis right behind it. Try a mixed drink on site or buy it to take home and experiment with. 

Kinsip Spirits

Wild Card Brewing Company - I touched on this place in my first post, but they deserve a spot on the list. Their sour beers are some of my favourites. Purple Sour Ranger had me hooked, but their Yellow Sour Ranger with coconut and pineapple stole my heart. Not only do they craft tasty beer, but they also support local farmers like Brambleberry Farms, host local talent on special nights, and serve up Flossie's Sandwiches on occasion. Located right in Trenton, it's one of our favourite spots to stop by.

555 Brewing Company - Two words: Garlic Fingers. If you're an east coaster that has found your way to this part of Ontario, 555 has your cravings covered. Not only do they serve up delicious beers like The Witness Belgian Wit and County Secret Hopped Cider that they collaborated with County Cider on, but they also have a sandbox for the kiddos and tasty pizza! I beg my friends to stop here every time we're in Picton and we're never disappointed. 

555 Brewing Co.

Clafeld Cider House - We stumbled upon this place during a drive around the county. Clafeld creates interesting flavours that always seem to work together. Disco Lemonade and Abracadabra are two of my favourites. Their Smashed Apple Cider was what intrigued me, so if you're a fan of ciders, they require a visit. 

And last, but not least...

Hinterland Wine - A beautiful spot and great wine. What more could you want? We tried samples of Borealis and Ancestral. Both of these wines are Rosé and are worth the drive! I cannot pass up a chance to try a new wine and I'm excited to visit this spot again this summer. Check them out in Hillier and try samples of wine for $2-$3 and find your new fave!

I know I missed some spots, but I wanted to make an inclusive list. If I listed everyone, this post would never end. Tell us some of your favourite spots in the comment section. If you're looking for beer outside of the BOQ, I gladly recommend 5 Paddles Brewing, Perth Brewery, Nickle Brook Brewing Co., Manantler Craft Brewing Co., and Little Beasts Brewing Co. for some unique and tasty brews.

- Jennifer Lindsay


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