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Hey Boq friends! 

We've been super busy over the past month trying new spots, visiting some old favourites, and semi-enjoying this ridiculously hot weather! These are a few of our favourite summer hangouts.

Number one on the list is The Port Bistro Pub located in Trenton. During the summer, there's a patio and music. The atmosphere is perfect for a mid-week gathering or a Friday night mug-up (there's some East Coast fisherman slang for you) of hearty food and delicious beer, or try their whiskey sour made specifically by Tara because she makes them perfectly. Their Mac and Cheese bombs are my GO-TO and they know it. Although they have a smaller kitchen, it packs an amazing menu and beautiful views of the Bay.

If you're looking to support some local vendors and crafters stop into Belleville for the Side Hustle Market on Saturday's from 10-2. These ladies know how to party while selling their side hustle. Just check out their Instagram. Inspiring, empowering, and full of amazing talent. So who will be there? El CreaminoColourful Court's JewelleryMagpie Thrift Shop, and Laundry Club just to name few. Definitely worth a visit if you're in Downtown Belleville (located a minute away from the Farmers Market!).

Another must is The H. R. Frink Centre for beautiful views and seeing wildlife. We go during the morning when the birds, turtles, frogs, and beavers are out. You can spot Red-Winged Blackbirds, Blanding's Turtles, Swamp Sparrows, Canadian Geese, and sit and enjoy nature on the boardwalk. Be aware! There's paid parking through an app that you can download. It's fairly straight forward to use and costs $5 per visit. 

Need to do some shopping and get some pieces that you won't find at the mall? Check out Kelly's Shop in Picton. I spend enough time here it can be considered a hangout for me. They have trendy dresses, and they sell Smash + Tess which I'm dying to buy! I really enjoy this place and its funky floors, locally made pins, unique jewellery AND all the cat-related stuff you could ask for! Their sales rack will be the death of my savings account.

Lastly, and a bit out of the ordinary is Brambleberry Farms. We visit regularly throughout the summer to pick fresh berries and enjoy time outside. The staff are super helpful and will answer any questions you have. Bring your own baskets or purchase for $1.50ish. We go early to avoid the rush, and with the strawberry season wrapping up, we're looking forward to picking cherries and blueberries. You won't be disappointed. And you have total control over not picking mouldy fruit. You'll be supporting a local farm that beats grocery store prices for a great product! 

I hope this list gives you a few spots to visit! I know a few spots aren't the regular pub and brewery picks, but I wanted to give something for everyone. We like to do a variety of things from listening to live music to picking strawberries and making our own jam. 

Enjoy your summer and get out and explore this beautiful area! As a reminder, my home town is having a "heatwave" of 20 degrees, sooooo. I'll enjoy the sun and lack of sweat pants to go to bed. 

-- Jenn Lindsay


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