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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Dolly is one of many nicknames I have for my eldest daughter Mia Konwakonnyens’tha. Her second name is also her Kanyen’keha (Mohawk) name and it means, they treat her with respect. She is 12 years old and a middle child of 5. Nicknames in our culture show love, admiration and a connection between people. Nicknames often replace first names, and sometimes you can have more than one.

Mia is my third oldest child. She was born 5 days overdue at Belleville General Hospital. Once I was in labour it felt like time went by in the blink of an eye. She was born in less than 2 hours, and I felt like I got to the hospital just in time to give birth to my very first beautiful girl. Our lives quickly turned into every parent’s worst nightmare when Mia was rushed to the hospital several times over the course of 2 days, finally being admitted to Belleville General Hospital. It turned out to be sepsis, a life-threatening blood infection. I knew something was wrong and I am forever thankful that I was persistent in continuing to go back to the hospital. Always, always trust your motherly instincts. Mia had to be transported by ambulance to Kingston General Hospital to the ICU and was on a ventilator. I wasn’t allowed to ride with her in the ambulance. Words can barely describe the gut-wrenching feelings of being helpless, but I would not leave her side. After numerous tests, including a spinal tap, my sweet newborn girl was given two weeks of antibiotics, as we stayed at Kingston General Hospital pediatrics unit.

I am sharing this birth story because it is significant to her life, my life, and her character today. It has shaped her into a resilient, ambitious young woman, who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. I admire her so much for her determination, her drive and her ability to push herself to achieve whatever she sets her mind to. She is incredibly smart, super funny, and has this innate ability to cook and bake, almost effortlessly.

Dolly’s Cornbread was born after Mia learned how to make our traditional Mohawk cornbread from an online day camp held in our community during the pandemic 2020 summer. Her first time making it, she learned the process over a zoom call, and it was spot on delicious! I knew she was a gifted cook, but most people I know do not even know how to make this. The only place I ever knew of being able to purchase cornbread wheels was in Six Nations at a gas station. It had been a rare treat growing up for me, and definitely for Mia.

This is not Mia’s first venture as a young entrepreneur. Along with my youngest daughter, Keely, the girls set up a small slime business called, MK’s Maracle Slime. They would take orders for birthday parties, orders for specific slime and even set up a booth at our local Tyendinaga Mohawk Fair 2 years in a row. They also volunteered in my classroom, showing and helping my students make their own slime.

Aside from being a young entrepreneur, Mia enjoys acting. She has taken several classes with Armstrong Acting Studio in Toronto, ON. She has auditioned for the Netflix Series Anne with an E. She has been on set for the movie Indian Horse, along with her older brothers, Owen and Ezra. She has also been a paid extra on a movie being filmed in London, ON, that has not yet been released. Her plan is to continue acting classes, work on her craft and strive to be successful as an actor as well. Mia also enjoys playing our traditional sport of lacrosse. She comes by it honestly as our family is a lacrosse family and has helped run the Tyendinaga Minor Lacrosse Association, and volunteered our time coaching on and off since the 1990s.

Dolly’s Cornbread is in the beginning stages of development and marketing. Make sure to keep an eye out for my girl, and of course, you have to try her amazing cornbread! It is absolutely delicious!

To place an order please email:

Dolly’s Cornbread is gluten free. Dolly’s Cornbread is a 100% Mohawk woman owned business located in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, ON.


- Kanerahtayeshon Clark


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