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Updated: Nov 30, 2018

So, cannabis has officially been legal in Canada for over a month now, and whether you celebrate it or think it’s the gateway to a life of crime and debauchery, its now here (at least until the next federal government takes office).

Many have stated that the laws regarding cannabis purchase and use are still unclear. A lot of Canadians have not taken the time to research what those laws are and how to avoid the pitfalls of the laws that surrounds regulating the purchase, possession and cultivation of weed. That alone can cause issues within the legal and court systems.

BOQ residents live near a sovereign First Nations reservation, which has seen a huge explosion of recreational and medical cannabis. Although this is the case, residents in the area have not seen any increase of crime or medical issues, but rather, infractions around the transportation and growing of weed. It’s important to know these laws and avoid the costly penalties for breaking them.

Whether you have been a regular smoker buying for years off of the black market or you haven’t consumed it since the Biggie and Tupac were alive, here are some of the laws to be cognitive of when buying, storing, cultivating and transporting your purchasing of some of that sweet, sweet loud:

- Possession allows local residents a maximum amount of 30 grams (or a friggin' good amount, depending on who you ask).

- 19 is the legal age to purchase and consume weed and is a lot like the current laws surrounding the purchase of a pack of “darts”.

- Consumption or smoking of weed can be done in private residences, many outdoor public places (ie. sidewalks, parks), designated hotel rooms, residential boats/vehicles, scientific research facilities, and controlled areas (i.e. long-term care, some retirement homes). Even though your butt hole will likely still invert every time you see a cop roll by while you're smoking one outside.

- No weed can be consumed while operating motorized vehicles in Ontario (i.e. Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, ATV’s, Snow Machines). So, whether you are heading home from your friend’s place, or you’re just out for a rip, bud there’s no Mary Jane for you. That goes for you crazy buggers on those electric scooters too!

- Safe storage of your weed while on transport is a lot like alcohol in Ontario. That said, you need to have it out of reach. So, relax and hold off on your shesh until you’re home and ready to pone some noobs on Fortnight.

- Cultivation of weed allows you to produce 4 plants per residence, not per person. So, sorry frat boys, your dreams of being the next Walter White on campus are crushed unless you’re trying to get kicked out of school.

These are just a few of the laws that apply to the areas within this new legal weed world that we live in. All jokes aside, do your research and avoid the headaches of making mistakes with legal weed. It’s just as important to know the difference between strains as it is to know the areas of the law that could result in paying fines that could dip into your ganja budget. Have fun and be smart!

Written by: James Anderson


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