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Updated: Nov 30, 2018

The Farmer's Daughter Sub Shoppe located on Hwy 2 between Belleville and Trenton gives you all of the traditional, cozy farm feels without travelling to the middle of nowhere.

Melissa Strecker - The Farmer's Daughter

Ran by Melissa Strecker, the farmer's daughter herself, this new lunchtime hot spot is a little reflection of where she came from. Growing up on Sunny Lea Farms, a turkey farm in the small community of Binbrook in Hamilton, ON, Melissa has had first-hand experience producing quality ingredients through hard work and dedication alongside her mother, father, and sisters. Sunny Lea Farms was the first caged poultry farm in Canada, with Melissa's father being a 4th generation farmer. She has taken a little piece of that farm and quite literally brought it into the design of her business. Once her family sold their farm, each of the farmer's daughters received a window from the barn as memorabilia, which she now hangs proudly on the wall of her Sub Shoppe.

Melissa takes pride in serving quality food to the community. The sub sandwiches at The Farmer's Daughter Sub Shoppe are made with fresh ingredients that you can feel good about. Each sandwich is made with care and influenced by her father and the farm she grew up on. One example of this is "The 1830" premium sandwich, made with wood fired 'AAA' beef and caramelized onions, which is named after the tractor that Melissa used and learned how to chop stalks with (that's cutting down corn stalks in farm language).

The Farmer

Come in for lunch or pick up some delicious sandwiches on the way home for dinner. You are guaranteed a great meal served with a smile by a super friendly team, who makes the experience even better. We recommend trying The Farmer's Daughter. It's a local favourite made with wood fired whole turkey breast, green apple, and brie. You can also customize it with a wide selection of toppings, including local Empire Cheese. Check out the full menu on their website here.

The Farmer's Daughter sub sandwich

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Written by: Sarah Smith


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