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Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Here is your guide to this weekend's hottest events:

The Brake Room's Sunday Brakefast

1. Sleezer at Wildcard!

Saturday Nov. 17th at 7PM

Sing along to Buddy Holly and some of your other fave Weezer tunes performed by Sleezer while sipping on craft beer. It's every hipster's fantasy.


2. Psycho Skull Fest II

Saturday Nov. 17th at 7:30PM-12:30AM

Back for round 2! Local Mental, Punk & Rock artists will be showcased at The Belleville Legion this Saturday night.

Tickets are $10 at the door & $5 advance (limited to 100 tickets). They also offer a Psycho Package for $30 which includes a concert ticket, t-shirt, disc & sticker.


3. Beers for Queers - The Beaufort Pub

Nov. 16th at 8PM-1AM

Every 3rd Friday of the month, Bay of Quinte PRIDE will be hosting Beers for Queers for the LGBTQ2S+ and Allies.

* This is a 19+ event *


5. The Sunday Brakefast Club - The Brake Room

Sunday Nov. 18th at 10am

The Brake Room has your hangover cure covered this Sunday and every Sunday until next Spring. Each week, a local chef will create a delicious brunch menu with a little something for everyone. Their all inclusive menus also have vegan and vegetarian friendly options for those who prefer a meatless meal * Regular coffee and pastries will continue to be served as well.

This isn't a regular bacon & egg brunch. This is a cool brunch ;-)


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