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Water- we use it for absolutely everything, it covers almost three quarters of our planet & is spoken of in ancient times as a precious life force; it makes us wonder why we don’t treat it like such in the advanced year 2019 and deny this source’s vital importance when it comes to everyday life.

As the earth woke up 2 billion years ago - after molten rock formed, vapors had cooled off & rains formed the vast oceans, water had become abundant during the evolution of life & created a home for life itself to form; every living being we see today has formed from water. The copious rain waters that allowed the oceans to expand, carried the salts and minerals of the earth and gave the earth what it needed to maintain life as we know it and create us. This unique mixture of hydrogen & oxygen atoms possesses more knowledge than we think – memory, emotion and pressure are all factors that water play a part in, especially when it comes to knowing the fragile balance of our environment. Since water is also the most common substance on earth & can be formed into all 3 states (liquid, gas, solid) the connection between us and this mineral magic is unfathomable; it’s everywhere. From the water in our cup, to the clouds in the sky- the various forms of this mineral acting on our planet are here because water is required for every being to survive & grow.

In a study conducted by one of many international scientists & professors - Rustum Roy, professor of the State University of Pennsylvania and member of the International Academy of Science, stated “the theory was that the chemical composition of the water is the most important, now they say that is nonsense. The structure of water is much more important than the chemical composition. When you simply turn on a light – the structure of the water changes.” Since humans are 75-90% water, these water molecules full of life and memory have and always will be one of our top priorities when it comes to living a long and healthy human experience. We need at least 2L of water everyday just to replenish our bodies of the countless minerals we need on a daily basis; digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature are all important benefits we can incorporate into our lives just by drinking the recommended amount.

Over the past few centuries, humans have had a reputation/history for letting our egos get in the way when it comes to these vital resources, but now in 2019, it’s more important than ever to protect them. In the capitalist world we live in, where the high demand of consumerism has taken a tole on the countless worldwide industries we look to for certain resources like transportation (oil, gas) clothes, food/drink, technology and so much more; unfortunately, the individuals withholding these resources over the years have had a different agenda when it comes to business propositions and survival. Throughout history, our natural resources – especially water, has been taken advantage of in all aspects. During the year 1760, when the industrial revolution took off worldwide, we started to see more and

more natural resources with price tags on them. When you look back to see how much we’ve used and contaminated in as little as 259 years during that specific era, it’s obvious that these companies aren’t taking our original natural habitat into consideration when provided these now, man-made resources. When we are harming the water, we are harming ourselves with the painful trauma, neglect & pollution we inflict upon it everyday; just like our own nervous system, water reacts to irritation. The earth has been around for over 2 billion years, and we have only been here for a small fraction of 200,000 – what we have chosen to do with earth in the last 259 years out of 200,000 has led to failure amongst our race and our planet.

Knowing that we are tied to water scientifically is one thing but being spiritually tied is another in both our scientific knowledge and general knowledge. Looking back at our history again, before the industrialization era claimed its reputation along with a timeline of colonization, indigenous cultures around the world lived a way of life that respected nature, viewed each resource as a living being & brought out the best in each so every tribe and territory could have an abundance of food, water and natural materials at all times. All these things were taken into consideration because these individuals knew that we; as well as water, plants, and animals, are all connected to each other. In order to maintain one, we need to care for the others and create a balance that doesn’t involve neglect or greed. Viewing resources, materials and living beings in a different perspective can shift our understanding

when it comes to using of all the vital beauty this planet has to offer.

Mahela O Braonain


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