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This blog post started as a "What To Do in BOQ" but since we're all stuck inside, waiting out this weird time to pass by, it seemed inappropriate. SO! What should I write about? How about we talk about local businesses you can follow and support during the COVID-19 house arrest! Below I'll tag some of the people I follow from around the Bay of Quinte. If I missed you, I apologize. Tag me in something and I'll definitely follow back. I'm all about finding new people and keeping a good six foot distance as I wave awkwardly.

Second hand find accounts are my favourite. These are the ones I've followed and/or supported personally and love seeing others support!

I love all the food around here so I have a collection of local places I like to support and visit! 

Bermuda  formerly Guapo's Cantina! Not officially open yet but we know they're good.

Crafters and makers! There's so many around here so I have to be choosy, but you should just follow them all and you'll find more and more. It never stops.

There's so many more I could tag but I don't want this to be overwhelming. We'll do a tag post again soon! Remember to support your local businesses and keep in touch with them during this hard time. We're all feeling the pressure and many businesses are still doing everything they can to stay afloat. Consider ordering online, doing a "no contact" pick up, or just sharing their content so others see it! 

-- Jenn Lindsay


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