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Stress; we’ve all experienced it. Some can be quick and intense; others can become bottled up over time. We manage and express it using different coping methods during our daily lives, throughout our responsibilities, our personal relationships and our thoughts – but with so much of it accumulating in today’s high-demand society, affecting our personal behaviours & causing health issues, how does being in this state of mind for a long period of time really effect our overall health & why?

Our bodies are terrestrial; when we are exposed to stress for a long period of time in our environments, especially when we are young, we tend to absorb and build up a subconscious comfort of holding onto that stress in order to create the fight-or-flight response we know as protection. When we, as humans, aren’t aware of these particular traumas and they are left undealt with, we carry them as we grow, let our behaviours adapt to our pain and manifest more tension in our body that can eventually harm our physical being, behaviour, mood and form physical and/or mental imbalances as a result; like disease and mental illness. When we recognize the tension, the pressure and the inflammation in our system, we can then start to address what stress is causing the imbalance and how to heal it. Whether it be trauma (childhood or not), relationships, insecurity, unforgiveness, etc. it is all valid and worth recognizing in order to align ourselves back to our most natural state.

As we discover new ways to deal with stress, in recent years, modern medicine has introduced many ways of allowing us to “heal”, but with the price of taking an unfamiliar medication, undergoing a risky surgery and/or succumbing a lifestyle regime that does more harm than good. When we are trying to reduce stress while using these modern methods, we may find that our bodies don’t exactly cooperate the way we expect them too in the long run. Those of us who are also unaware of other options, may feel like there are little to no choices when it comes to dealing with our overwhelming stress – some might say “you just deal with it.”

Alternative medicines related to stress such as homeopathy, sound therapy, meditation, eco therapy etc. that have been practiced and passed down throughout thousands of years offer a whole different world of options and are based off of raw techniques that allow us to connect to our bodies, manifest a healthier perspective of our own being and help us to create a more genuine experience that we are happy in. Various types of holistic methods known today like medicinal herbs, raw foods, music tones, pressure points, and sensations can play a huge role when healing our bodies from any type of stress and trauma. Since we are made up of organic matter, light and frequency, it’s no wonder that these natural practices have been highly successful throughout human history.

We all possess light that roots in and around each vital system, and when these points of light are activated using these natural healing methods, our system reacts and enables these receptors to receive light over time and heal the overall system. Over centuries, there have been countless practices related to aligning these particular points of light to benefit mental, physical and emotional health, but the most common term we know today in the modern world is called “Chakras”. Chakras generally refer to a 12-point system relating to the vital organs within our vessel and how we are able to gradually align them over time to prevent harm, stress, tension, imbalance and disease.

When we are constantly affected by stress, it means we are being exposed to fear. When we consciously choose to raise our vibration higher on the scale away from fear, towards happiness, joy and enlightenment, we are choosing not to let fear of stress control our lives and take control ourselves by choosing to love and nurture our being the way mother earth intended.

-- Mahela O’Braonain


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