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Updated: Nov 22, 2018

We're bringing you all of the details about one of PEC's most unique breweries.

Bar snacks & Mexican fare from the Parsons Brewing Co. Kitchen


Parsons Brewing Co. is all about sustainability. Located in Prince Edward County, they are proudly BrewOn Certified with 10 of their brews. The hops in these brews are 100% locally grown in Ontario in partnership with Pleasant Valley Hops, Parksview Farms, and Barn Owl Malt, and unlike many brews, haven't travelled thousands of miles to get here. They have even planted 3,150 of their own saplings which you will notice growing on their property as you drive in.

Parsons Brewing Co. is sustainable right down to the buildings in which they are located. Both their Tap Room and Bottle Shop are restored and repurposed buildings from the 1800s. They have even repurposed a 40' shipping container that is now used as their cold room. Wondering where all of their bottles go after use? Parsons Brewing Co. has established a Bottle Recycling Program to take care of that. To add to their continual sustainability, Parsons Brewing Co. went plastic-free and uses stainless steel straws in their Tap Room in support of a straw-free PEC.

So what's next for Parson's Brewing Co.? They currently have an alternative energy design in place for the upcoming phase of the brewery build in progress. We're looking forward to it!


Ok, we know why you really clicked on this post. Let's talk about the beer.

Crafted authentically. Brewed Sustainably. Shared Passionately. That's the motto at Parson's Brewing Co. and it's easily recognized in the brews that they produce and serve.

As mentioned above, these brews are made with locally sourced hops and farm fresh ingredients and Parsons Brewing Co. is committed to using such ingredients wherever possible. To point out a few, their Farmer's Tan Harvest Ale, Farm Brew Series, and Stalwart Bastion Oatmeal Stout are all brewed with 100% Ontario hops grown right in PEC by Pleasant Valley Hops.

Parsons Brewing Co. has a wide range of unique brews. We want you to experience them for yourselves, but this is one we just had to share with you:


That's right, a wine/beer hybrid. For those who enjoy both, now you can enjoy them together. Parsons' small vineyard, planted in 2000, includes 500 vines, which are used to create Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. When it comes time to harvest, the juice from the grapes are blended with golden ale and fermented together with French Saison yeast. The result is pretty magical - 30% wine, 70% beer. WOW!

Sunkissed Grape Ale, Wine/Beer Hybrid

We will let you in on a little secret... this year's version of Sunkissed is being fermented on Pinot Noir skins to add subtle wine line tannins and a slight pinkish hue to the well-loved drink. You can expect a tart open, a subtle juiciness and lingering hints of crisp orchard fruit. This is a unique beer grown, picked, brewed, fermented and packaged right in beautiful PEC.

Parsons Brewing Co. has a large beer menu with seasonal lineups, so don't let winter stop you from coming in for an excellent exbeerience (see what we did there).

We recommend trying a beer flight. This way, you can try 4 different types of beer and then order your fave out of the bunch. Don't forget to check out the bar snacks and Mexican fare for an excellent pairing experience! *


Parson's Brewing Co. is truly one of Prince Edward County's hidden gems. You may have heard about, or even tasted their wide selection of craft beer, but one thing that adds to their uniqueness, is their menu.

Chef Sam Valdivia brings authentic Mexican food and flavours made with love right to the table at Parsons Brewing Co. From traditionally prepared tacos and tostadas to the sweet and spicy chicken mole, you are sure to be impressed with the authenticity of the dishes prepared as well as the wide array of flavours included in each bite. Located in PEC, you will be glad to know that the food served at Parsons Brewing Co. is fresh and sourced from local farms. Prinzen Chicken, Hannover Farms, and FiddleheadfarmsPEC are just a few to name.

A spread of authentic Mexican fare served at Parsons Brewing Co.

For first time visitors, we recommend trying the delicious Carnitas Taco paired with their Yuzu Pale Ale *


One of the best parts about Parsons Brewing Co. is the staff. They're not the type of staff that you can tell hate their jobs. In fact, it is easy to tell that they all truly do enjoy what they are a part of. You are guaranteed great service from a family-like team of knowledgeable people with a great sense of humour.

Enjoying a meal paired with beer at Parsons Brewing Co.

Be sure to visit Parsons Brewing Co. this week and tell them BLOG BOQ sent you ;-)

You can visit their website for more details including menus and hours here.


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