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Updated: May 25, 2019

The OG’s of butchering are back!

One of Gilmour's great Employees (left) with Nick Gilmour (right)

Nick Gilmour, son of Jim Gilmour, has made his way back to the area where it all started. We caught up with the young butcher and his crew of carnivore sculptors at Gilmour’s new location at the corner of Dundas and Haig Rd. in Belleville.

Why did you decide to get into this business? “Well, I didn’t think that doing this sort of business was for me. I was young and wanted to blaze my own trail. So, when some time had gone by and I had matured into who I am now, I realized something was missing. It was passion, it was the craft.”

What you may not know is that Nick's father, Jim, retired and sold his shop to different owners who still bare his family name to date.

“Once my dad sold the business, I thought I was at peace with it, but it turned out I wasn’t. I wanted to carry on the legacy of my family and bring the same craftsmanship and quality back.”

So, you started up in Harrowsmith first? “Yeah, I had settled down around there and put down some roots of my own, then opened up my first Gilmour’s.”

It was a hit, as we have spoken to other Kingston residents who make the commute just to purchase the quality of meat that they have an eye for.

“50% of the job is deciding you are only going to buy the best that the area has to offer from local producers.”

I noticed that you picked an interesting location. The area has only seen development and businesses leave. Why this location? “Well, that’s easy. When there is nothing where people need everything, then this where a business like ours needs to be.”

How so? “The East end residents have to go across town for the majority of what they need. There are almost zero independently owned businesses around here. There tends to be more big chain stores pumping out quantity over quality.“

So, what are your future plans for Gilmour’s? “Well, we aren’t going anywhere soon that’s for sure. We plan on expanding and opening more locations at some point. We want our business to be an example for other young entrepreneurs. We want them to see that this side of town is open for business too.”

If you had to sum up who you are as a business, what would you say? At this point nick went from a smile from ear to ear to standing up taller, rolling his shoulders back and a look of serious, but reserved manner.

“We are quality, passion and experience and we are determined to give this town the best product and customer service. It’s everything that my father stood for and what we have been known for.”

We have to say that we were blown away at how such a young man has such devotion and drive to be back in this area. The want to be the flagship store that will encourage more independent and locally owned business to come to the area is admirable.

Skip the grocery store and check out Gilmour’s. The store is so clean, you could eat off the floor! Each customer that walks through their doors is greeted kindly and the product really is top quality.

Check out Gilmour’s new location at 652 Dundas St. Belleville.


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