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If you are looking for fresh, locally grown produce or handcrafted items, drive 25 minutes in any direction in the Bay of Quinte during the weekend, and you’ll find yourself at a farmers’ market. They have become a part of my weekend routine since moving here and I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon. We have our favourite markets, but we’re open to trying more! I’ll be mentioning the three we visit most often, but please reach out if there’s one we should stop by! We’re always looking to try new things.

Wheat & Poppy

Where: 67 Front Street, Trenton.

When: May to October

Hours: Wednesday & Saturday 8am - 1pm

This was obviously our first market when we moved here and has stuck with us. We visit every Saturday morning to grab bread, baked goods, body scrubs, coffee, and flowers. It’s a smaller market, but it has a big heart! Wheat & Poppy is my go-to for baked goods. Sarah’s almond croissant, bagel bombs, and brownies are my favourite part of the market. Patina Shores gives us the best skin with her line of scrubs, creams, and beard oils. Earth Oven Breadman makes sure we’re never low on delicious and hearty bread, as well as many other vendors selling fresh vegetables, flowers, and soaps! It’s definitely worth the stop in, and you can hop over to the Grind Cafe for a drink and snack!

Jamie Kennedy Kitchens

Where: 243 Main Street, Wellington

When: May to October

Hours: Saturday 8am - 1pm

We discovered this place during a lazy Saturday morning visit to the county last year and we make an effort to go every other Saturday. The view is pretty, the market is big and busy, and the smells are enticing. We usually stop by Guapo’s Cantina for breakfast, or hit up Jamie Kennedy Kitchens for hot seasoned fries (they’re worth the almost 45 minute drive alone!).Blue Wheelbarrow Farm sells locally grown organic veggies, as well as Mayphin Farms who post the cutest goat videos. We just fell in love with this market and it’s such a genuinely happy and inviting spot that I will drag anyone who visits me out there on an early Saturday morning. For a full list of vendors, click here!

The Bakery Warkworth

Where: 2992 County Rd 30, Codrington,

When: May to October

Hours: Sunday 10am - 2pm

I don’t even know if this is technically a part of the BOQ, but I’m putting it in here because it deserves a mention. It’s another small market with a kind heart! I think our friends in Wooler told us to stop in and we now make it a priority to go on Sundays. First of all, The Bakery Warkworth is there with their $5 peameal bacon on a bun and they know without a doubt my husband is coming every Sunday. They alone make it worth a stop in. Next, you have Humble Herb with vegan options, Honey for You serving some of the best honey around, local meat from Kingsholm Farms, Northumberland Soapworks keeping you smelling good, and local musicians performing inside the market!

That’s the round-up. I know the Belleville one isn’t listed and there’s no negative reason for that, we just haven’t made it there this year and I didn’t want to write about it without experiencing it again. We have loved our past visits and will be posting about it when we get there! The Kingston market is also on our list, as well as trying out the Cobourg market again. We seriously love supporting local growers, crafters, brewers, whatever you want to makers. We truly believe in putting money in the pockets of local people who support our communities, and farmers markets are a beautiful way to bring people together!

-- Jenn Lindsay


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