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This feature is all about local thrifter, Courtney from Sediment Apparel! I found Courtney at Side Hustle Market right before COVID-19 took over the world, and I bought the most comfortable plaid button-up shirt. I find being in more of the xl and plus size range, it’s hard to find suitable second-hand clothing, but I’ve been happy with the variety of sizes Courtney finds and sells! Her finds come through thrifting and donations from the community, and she gives back when she can through charitable donations. Courtney doesn’t JUST sell clothes, she has shoes, pins, jewellery, and makeup, too! Keep an eye on her Poshmark page and her website for updated items! 

How long have you been thrifting or selling second-hand clothing?

I think my first memory of thrifting was being with my Grandfather at yard sales when I was about 4 or 5. Every weekend we would go out and drive around to find them in our area. Thrifting has such a special place in my heart because of that. It has been a part of the way I shop since!

Second-hand items are such a great way to be eco-friendly. Has thrifting always been important to you in that it helps the world?

Absolutely! It started as a hobby and a fun thing to do with friends and family when I was young but slowly helped me start to realize the impact everything we purchase has on the environment. Its what made me start to make other changes in how I live my life and the way I purchase and consume products - just being more responsible for my actions.

What are some of your favourite items you’ve come across? Do you find many rare vintage items?

I have had a select number of vintage items in the past, not too many at the moment. Although right now I have this adorable Vintage made in Canada, a Nu-Mode dress. I haven't determined the exact time frame - maybe early 60's. I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to vintage items, but Google is my best friend! When I'm thrifting, I go for garments that are made from good quality fabrics which often leads me to some pretty exciting finds! I have also found some pretty exciting high-end brands that way. I recently found, and sold a pair of Acne Studios Jeans which were amazing! Finds like that are rare!

Is it hard to part with some items you come across?

I have to be honest, I have a hard time not wearing a lot of things when I first get them! There are always certain items that I am sad to see go. Recently I put up the first item I thrifted. I had been hanging on to it and hadn't worn it in years so I decided to pass it on for someone else to love and it sold super fast!  It was a vintage Pierre Cavalli sweater. I was probably about 14 when I found that piece at a thrift shop close to my high school on my lunch break. I am still a bit sad to see it go but I'm glad it will be appreciated and loved all over again!

What has been your favourite part of starting an online business?

The people! I have connected with so many people I would never have crossed paths with. So many strong, independent inspirational people. It has also given me the ability to push my comfort zone and explore different interests. I have recently started a small Creative Media company that encompasses web design, content creation, social media management, logos, and branding. Basically, everything I needed to know to get Sediment up and running - now I do that too for other companies that need some guidance. 

And I mean who doesn't dream of calling their hobby their job!

What kind of items do you take for donations? How often do you pick up?

I like to say I take everything! Of course, that doesn't mean I'll take your couch or 'tighty whities' but I like to keep the donations open. My main goal is to keep items out of landfills. So when I receive a large donation bag there may be some items that are not quite good enough for resale, but still have lots of life left in them. So if I cant give them a second life, I have connected with a few other small businesses that have some pretty crafty skills for upcycling clothing! 

I just started doing my donation project and it has been so wonderfully successful that my weekly pick up might need to be more like a monthly pick up! I have had to stop accepting donations currently but am taking names and email addresses of people who are interested and I will start to reach out soon!

Do you prefer to sell online, or will you be happy when markets return?

My socially awkward heart says online, but I miss markets. It's how I got my start. I love the community of people it brings and there's no better way to connect with people. I love being able to put Instagram handles to faces! 

What is one of your favourite local businesses in the BoQ?

There are so many amazing entrepreneurs I have connected with this past year I would love to share every single one! I do have and will always a special place in my heart for Side Hustle Market. Not only are there some badass girls running the show, but its how I started moving this hobby of mine into a business. I joined them at the Downtown at Dusk market last year and it was such an amazing success that it gave me the motivation to keep pushing forward with this!

-- Jenn Wendy


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