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I will be trying something new and I highly recommend you send anyone my way that might be interested in being featured on Blog BOQ. I’ll be talking to local talent, makers, crafters, or really any small business owner in the BOQ. I’ll be asking them questions in an interview-style then asking for one or two photos they want to be posted with the feature. This is all FREE in hopes to help with exposure during COVID-19 while we still try to get our footing in this new world we live in. On this week's BOQ Features: Katlin Lamont from Plane Jane Artistry

I discovered her on Instagram and I fell in love with her craft. She makes the most gorgeous items and I think I almost own one of everything, including custom colour made dishcloths which have held up to my messy kitchen, face scrubbies that have eliminated my make-up wipes, and the softest scrunchies. Katlin is a full-time member of the Canadian Forces (note the poppies in her logo) and a momma of one! She is originally from New Brunswick but is currently posted to Trenton. She’s a busy lady, but she does it all with the help of Netflix and a 90’s movies.

Face Scrubbies

So how long have you been crafting? Where did you learn it from?

"I think I've been crocheting/crafting for about eight years now. I got the craft bug from my mom, who for years tried to get me to learn to knit, but it just wasn't my thing. Finally, after I moved out, I picked up crocheting- learned the basics from mom one weekend and then taught myself the rest via many YouTube videos."

What is your favourite piece to make?

I'd probably have to say my market bags. For some reason, they're just so satisfying to complete. 

Market Bags

What is your most requested or bought piece?

Right now - it's a close 3-way tie between my market bags, face scrubbies and scrunchies.

Is it hard finding balance between work, being a mom, and managing a side business? 

I'm just now getting back to work after maternity leave, but I definitely struggle sometimes to manage it all at once. I have a hard time saying no to people and will usually overwork myself - but I just love the way people's faces brighten when they see their finished products. 

What is your favourite way to sell your work? Markets or online? 

Markets will forever be my love. I love connecting with people, showing people in real life what each item has to offer. 

Cotton Dishcloths - Made to Order

Have you had an increase in sales during the Pandemic?

I have been pleasantly surprised by the support from the community during these times, I thought so sure most people would be avoiding extra spending. Still, the response to my items and new online website has been overwhelming. 

Where do you get your inspiration from? Is there anyone you look to?

My creative/crochet inspiration comes from everywhere. If I see a product in person or online, I try and think of a way I can turn that into a crochet item and go from there. 

A non-crafting question! Where is your favourite place to eat in the BOQ? 

I am a serious lover of Italian and my husband and I LOVE Paulo's in downtown Belleville. It's our go-to date night spot!


We are so grateful to all of the creators and makers we'll be featuring because they are what give this area the close-knit community feel. Check in next time when we feature Charlotte Buckle Photography! 

If you're interested in being featured, reach out to me at Jenn Wendyy on Instagram! 


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