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Without further delay! Our second Blog BOQ feature: Charlotte Buckle Photography. She’s originally from Nova Scotia but has been in Belleville, snapping beautiful photos, for the past couple of years. She is shy yet passionate and a blast to have a photo session with. She is a fellow lover of supporting local businesses and it shows in her photography. Her photos will have you immediately planning your next photo-shoot outfit. Believe me, I already am.

So what made you take up photography and how long have you been pursuing it?

I have been into taking photos from a very young age. My dad got me many digital cameras growing up, and I would just take pictures of everything. I got my first DSLR in 2013 from my husband, Mark. I wanted to document our lives as newlyweds (at the time) and not just with our phones or a basic digital camera. It was actually my sister-in-law, Jess MacDonald, who inspired me to take it further. She is a wedding photographer based in Halifax (she was out of Corner Brook at the time), and she photographed mine and Mark’s wedding in June of 2013. I didn’t start to shoot photos of other people until 2016, for fun and to build my portfolio.

What is your favourite location in the BOQ to shoot?

Oh, this is a tough one… I think it would be a tie between Sager Conservation Area in Stirling and Signal Brewery in Corbyville. They are complete opposites, but they both offer beautiful scenery and views in different ways! If Vanderwater Conservation Area is considered in the BOQ, I would also add that to the list! I am very indecisive.

What kind of camera do you use? 

I use two cameras when I shoot weddings. A Canon 6D MarkII and a Canon 6D. I love them both, but if we are choosing favourites, my Sigma 35mm lens is my all-time partner-in-crime.

What do you like to photograph the most? 

I really love working with couples/engagements! I like how laid back the sessions are and being able to connect with the couple, crack terrible jokes, and not have too many distractions or worries with time. But on the other hand (did I mention I was indecisive?) I also really enjoy working with kids and families! Whenever I am back home, my family lets me take their photos because, well, they are my family, and I want to document their lives as well long with documenting the growth of my nieces and nephews. So, I guess my general answer would be people, haha!

What do you like most about being a photographer? Meeting people, going places, etc.?

The people, for sure! I have met so many INCREDIBLE people. I am a naturally shy person, so you would think this job would be terrible for someone like me, but it has somehow unlocked this character in me who can break the silence with little issue and make comfortable conversation. This may sound cheesy, but I almost see the camera as giving me a superpower – the power of public speaking, a lame but helpful power when you need it!

The self-portraits you post are gorgeous, Do you ever feel uncomfortable in front of the camera?

First off, way to make me blush! Haha! You are the sweetest. Thank you so much! Absolutely I feel very awkward in front of the camera! Like most people, I have many insecurities, and when a camera is pointed at you, you just think that that is what it will focus on – my acne scarring, my double chin, my slightly crooked nose, my imperfect skin on my body… the list goes on. But weirdly, getting in front of the camera has taught me to love those things about myself. It shows me how different I am and also how to look past those things and see who I am. We are so much more than what lies on the surface – that is what the camera captures.

After all of your photoshoots, do you have a favourite photo?

Oh geez, I honestly cannot pick a favourite! I love looking back and reflecting on all the photo sessions I have done. There was one engagement session that I did where we went to the camp in Tweed, where Peter, the groom, had been a counselor at. I learned that day that Peter is like a master canoer (is that a word?) and had been teaching Shannon, the bride, how to canoe, and they were terrific! And then after that (yes, they did more cool things), Peter brought out his banjo, and he and Shannon started singing and so beautifully! Like, what?! I was so blown away at not only their talent but also their confidence and deep love for one another. I suppose that does not answer your question really… haha! My favourite photo (from this session) would either be the one where Shannon and Peter were portaging with their canoe or singing


Where do you find inspiration for your photography? Is there a particular person?

My inspiration for this type of photography came from my sister-in-law, Jess. She is a mom to two little boys now and isn’t able to shoot as many weddings or engagements, but I still look to her and her work for guidance. Locally, I would say Holly McMurter. She is young and extremely determined. This girl knows what she is doing, and when she doesn’t, she listens and learns. Holly is a fantastic photographer, and though our styles are different, I try to soak everything that she shares because she is a bottomless well of knowledge!

Lastly, and this isn’t even photography related, what are you looking forward to most when social distancing is lifted?

I am most looking forward to going home to Nova Scotia/the East Coast!

This whole pandemic has shined a lot of light in places that I didn’t realize were dark. It has shown me who and what makes my heart and soul happy. During this time, my home province (and the world) has gone through so much. It has made me really realize how short life is, and anything can happen, even the unimaginable. So, I just want to get home to mine and Mark’s family (in Newfoundland), spend some time with the people we love the most and take a much needed deep breath of sweet saltwater air!

-- Jenn Lindsay


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